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S2 E41: Empowering Creators: From Influencers to Entrepreneurs at Genflow I The Foureva Podcast (ft. Shan Hanif)

Podcast Apr 11, 2024 7:48:22 PM cristina-ferreira 2 min read


Want to uncover the Top Secrets to succeed your Business?

Get ready for an insightful episode on The Foureva Podcast presented by Visit Milwaukee  Our upcoming guest, Shan Hanif, CEO of a $100M+ creator economy agency, is set to share invaluable insights into the world of agency ownership, client acquisition, building a thriving culture, streamlining operations, and achieving consistent profitability. 

Join us as Shan delves into his journey, launching Genflow in 2016 with a vision of empowering creators to transform their passions into thriving businesses. Having worked with notable personalities like Iman Gadzhi, Grace Beverley, Mike Thurston, Ali Abdaal, KSI, and Logan Paul, Shan brings a wealth of experience in monetizing content, cultivating audiences, and building influential brands.

Are you an agency owner looking to scale your business?  Don't miss out on this episode, where Shan Hanif will be sharing his expertise and offering invaluable advice to help you elevate your agency to new heights.