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S2 E43: How Women Can Become Leaders in Tech ft. Arlando Monk

Podcast May 30, 2024 2:23:44 PM cristina-ferreira 3 min read

Can women truly thrive in the tech industry and corporate America despite systemic challenges?


Join us as we explore this critical question while shedding light on the hurdles women face, including workplace discrimination, limited advancement opportunities, and the pressures of balancing work and personal life. We delve into the importance of therapy and self-care to navigate these spaces effectively. Our episode also celebrates Milwaukee's growth and community spirit over the past two decades, showcasing the city's remarkable transformation and collaborative energy.

We are honored to host Arlando Monk, the visionary behind the Visionary League, who is pioneering efforts in tech and e-sports, especially for minorities and youth. Arlando shares his inspiring journey, from helping individuals land their dream jobs to engaging with colleges and promoting gaming careers for the underrepresented. Despite personal and professional challenges brought on by COVID-19, including the loss of loved ones, Arlando's unwavering determination to foster opportunities within the tech space shines through in his discussion, particularly his ongoing work with Marquette students.

We also share tips for visitors to Milwaukee, highlighting the city's vibrant summer and fall events, bustling neighborhoods, and hidden gems. Don't miss out on this enriching conversation that not only celebrates our inspiring guest but also the dynamic and supportive Milwaukee community.

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