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How Three Women Are Tackling The Black Hair Care Deserts With Innovative Beauty Vending Machines

Story May 6, 2023 12:00:00 AM jamar-jones 3 min read

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Three women are breaking barriers and making a difference in their communities by providing access to quality hair care products through Beauty Genie vending machines. Ebony J. Karim, a graduate of Chicago State University, realized that many underrepresented college students, especially those in Black hair care deserts, lack access to affordable quality haircare products. She recognized the need to solve this problem and came up with the idea of vending machines.

Quintella Rodgers, a licensed cosmetologist and a hair stylist, and her twin sister, Swanzetta Rodgers, a trained geriatric counselor, joined Karim's vision and invested in the project. They also provide expert insight into product inventory for the machines, as well as haircare education.

The Beauty Genie vending machines dispense products such as bonnets, gels, bundles, braiding hair, shampoos, conditioners, and edge control. These products are essential for proper hair maintenance, especially for African American women who spend nine times more than other groups on haircare, according to a Nielsen report.

The Beauty Genie vending machines will be installed at all 107 HBCU campuses, nursing homes, and other locations in the future. However, the first Beauty Genie will be installed at Chicago Premium outlet mall in Springfield, IL on July 1st. The location is perfect since it is a hotspot for teens and early college students.

The Beauty Genie vending machines have a video component that plays demos for girls and older women in nursing homes to care for their hair the right way. Proper hair maintenance impacts self-esteem, and the Beauty Genie vending machines aim to bridge access gaps for underrepresented college students to quality hair care products at affordable prices.

Karim, Rodgers, and Rodgers are inspirational women who are making a difference in their communities. Their dedication to providing access to quality hair care products is commendable and aligns with Foureva Media's mission to support businesses that make a positive impact in their communities. Through the Beauty Genie vending machines, they are empowering women to care for their crowns, regardless of where they are. Everyone should have access to quality haircare products, and the Beauty Genie vending machines are making that a reality.

Learn more at https://www.beautywishesinabox.com/

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