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Rapid Fire 6: Amplifying Diverse Voices in the Tech Industry I The Foureva Podcast

Dec 22, 2023 5:07:29 PM Admin 3 min read

Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest Tech, a prominent technology event in Milwaukee, celebrated its sixth year with resounding success as it gathered tech leaders from around the nation. The conference, held at the Potawatomi Casino | Hotel, spanned three days and attracted thousands of attendees from 29 states and 16 countries. Notably, Foureva Media, led by Jamar Jones, played a significant role as one of the sponsors and contributors to the event's success.

Since its inception in 2018, Summerfest Tech has aimed to leverage the renowned Summerfest brand to showcase technology, foster networking opportunities, and facilitate education and celebration of technological advancements. Over the past six years, the event has firmly established itself as a platform that converges diverse perspectives and fosters a global community of idea generators.

This year's conference featured an impressive lineup of speakers and panels, with Jamar Jones, Founder of Foureva Media, taking on the role of moderator for the Entertainment in Tech panel. Jamar Jones, a national speaker and author of the book "Change Your Circle, Change Your Life," brought his expertise and insights to the discussion, enriching the conversation on the intersection of entertainment and technology.

The Entertainment in Tech panel explored the ways in which technology is transforming the entertainment industry. Industry experts and thought leaders discussed the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in areas such as digital content creation, streaming platforms, virtual reality, and immersive experiences. Jamar Jones, with his vast experience in media and entertainment, guided the panelists and facilitated a dynamic and insightful discussion.

I am honored to have moderated the Entertainment in Tech panel at Summerfest Tech. It was a captivating discussion that highlighted the dynamic relationship between technology and the entertainment industry. This event showcases the transformative power of technology and its potential to revolutionize how we engage with entertainment. I commend Summerfest Tech for fostering innovation, collaboration, and meaningful dialogue among tech leaders, and I am proud that Foureva Media was a sponsor of this exceptional conference. - Jamar Jones, Founder of Foureva Media.

In addition to the Entertainment in Tech panel, Summerfest Tech offered a wide range of programming that catered to various areas of technology. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in presentations, roundtable discussions, and networking sessions across topics such as Women in Technology, C-Suite Leadership, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Software Development, Cybersecurity, AI/IoT/RPA, and Agile/DevOps/UXUI. This comprehensive program ensured that participants could explore the latest trends and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.

One of the standout features of Summerfest Tech was the integration of technology with the fan experience at sporting venues. Experts from renowned teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers engaged in discussions on leveraging technology to enhance the overall fan experience. These conversations explored the use of data analytics, digital platforms, and immersive technologies to create memorable and engaging experiences for sports fans.

The conference also included the highly anticipated Pitch Competition, where innovative startups vied for a portion of the $50,000 prize. This year, a new Hometown award was introduced, providing support specifically for a regional startup. The competition not only offered financial support but also provided invaluable exposure and networking opportunities for the participating startups.

Summerfest Tech also recognized individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the tech community through the MKE Tech Community Impact Awards. Recipients of these awards included leaders who have advanced STEM education, technology innovation, diversity, equity, inclusion, and early talent development. The awards celebrated their efforts in driving positive change and fostering growth within the tech ecosystem.

The success of Summerfest Tech was made possible by the generous support of its sponsors, including Foureva Media led by Jamar Jones. Their commitment to supporting technological advancement and nurturing the local and regional tech community played a crucial role in the event's achievements.

In conclusion, Summerfest Tech's sixth annual conference for tech leaders proved to be a resounding success, bringing together industry professionals, fostering collaboration and innovation, and highlighting the growing tech ecosystem in Wisconsin. With Foureva Media as a sponsor and Jamar Jones serving as the moderator of the Entertainment in Tech panel, the event not only provided a platform for knowledge exchange but also showcased the power of technology in transforming industries and driving positive change.

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