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BITCON 2022: Empowering Black Tech Professionals and Entrepreneurs Through Meaningful Networking, Career Advancement, and Actionable Learning

Story Apr 18, 2023 12:00:00 AM jamar-jones 2 min read

Blacks In Technology (BIT) recently held their 4th annual conference, BITCon2022, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The event brought together hundreds of Black IT professionals, entrepreneurs, gamers, and afro-futurists for a three-day hybrid conference featuring global brands, world-class speakers, and business leaders.

BITCon2022's theme emphasized three pillars: meaningful networking, career advancement, and actionable learning. The conference struck a balance between being a block party and a tech conference, with 40% dedicated to the former and 60% to the latter. Dennis Schultz, Executive Director of the Blacks In Technology Foundation, stated that he wanted every attendee to walk away with knowledge they could immediately apply and have fun in the process.

Greg Greenlee, Founder of Blacks In Technology, expressed his excitement about having an in-person engagement experience after two years of not having such events. He noted that BITCon was the perfect safe space for the Black tech community to interact.

BITCon2022 boasted over 50 speakers, including writer, activist, comedian, and techie, Baratunde Thurston, who led the speaker lineup. Thurston is the author of the New York Times bestseller, How To Be Black, and the host of television series Lenovo Late Night I.T. and PBS’s America Outdoors.

The conference featured dozens of workshops, training sessions, technology demos, leadership conversations, and technical talks for both beginners and experts. Topics and tracks covered a wide range of areas such as Web 3, cryptocurrency, NFTs, metaverse, AI & ML, gaming & e-sports, cloud/DevOps, cybersecurity, data science, social responsibility, government policy, career development, entrepreneurship, and professional storytelling.

Attendees could also participate in one of the largest in-person career fairs for diverse tech talent, join a gaming tournament with a $5,000 grand prize, or enter a startup pitch competition with $10,000 in non-dilutive funding.

BITCon2022 had a profound impact on the Black tech community. It provided a platform for Black professionals to connect, learn, and grow in their careers. It also demonstrated the importance of building a support network for marginalized groups in tech, with multiple attendees noting that the BIT community had become their support network.

Jamar Jones, a business owner, speaker, and author, spoke at the event and emphasized the importance of leadership and connecting with each other in a relatable way. He commended BITCon and the BIT community for establishing a blueprint of technical excellence and innovation and providing resources, guidance, networking, and opportunities for members to advance their careers.

Overall, BITCon2022 was a resounding success, showcasing the significant impact that the Black tech community can have on business and technology.

BITCon is back again; we’re in Nashville, TN. Tickets are on sale now! Visit bit.ly/BITCon2023

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