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E33: The Carbliss Effect: How a new beverage changed the industry for the better! (ft. Adam Kroener)

E33 Oct 19, 2023 12:00:00 AM Admin 6 min read


In a world where health-conscious choices and great-tasting beverages rarely go hand in hand, Adam Kroener's Carbliss stands out as a game-changer. This podcast episode delves into the life, journey, and incredible success of the co-founder of Carbliss, a company that's redefining the way we enjoy cocktail drinks.


Adam Kroener's entrepreneurial spirit has always been a driving force in his life, even from a young age. Raised in Wisconsin, where cars, motorcycles, and good old-fashioned hard work are part of the culture, Adam had always envisioned himself in the automotive industry. However, the journey to Carbliss was not a straight line but a circuitous route filled with twists and turns.

The Carbliss journey began in 2018 when Adam and his wife Amanda decided to embark on a health-conscious journey by adopting a low-carb, low-sugar, and high-fat diet known as keto. This dietary choice presented them with a unique challenge – finding a suitable alcoholic beverage that aligned with their dietary restrictions. The options on the market were limited, often tasting bland and overly carbonated. Adam's quest to find a better solution led him to an entrepreneurial epiphany.

Adam's initial attempts to create a satisfying low-carb alcoholic beverage for himself and his friends quickly turned into a product that gained popularity among those who tried it. His creation, initially called "vodka lemonade," was an instant hit, offering a refreshing and enjoyable alternative to the limited options available in the market.

As the demand for this unique drink grew, so did Adam's ambition to transform his creation into a business. With a background in manufacturing and a deep understanding of how products are made and scaled, he knew the steps required to take his product from a homemade concoction to a market-ready beverage.

What sets Adam apart is his ability to balance his visionary spirit with data-driven decision-making. While creativity is essential, it's his meticulous attention to detail and personal accountability that have propelled Carbliss to success. He utilizes a comprehensive financial reporting system to track the company's performance, always searching for areas of improvement and identifying where resources can be best allocated.

"Carbliss is all about helping consumers make conscious choices without compromising on taste." - Adam Kroener

Carbliss is not just another ready-to-drink cocktail company; it's a creator of exceptional seltzers that boast zero carbs, zero sugar, and only 100 calories per can. Their products are also gluten-free, addressing the dietary concerns of millions of Americans.

What's more, Carbliss doesn't limit itself to the ordinary. In an industry where ready-to-drink cocktails are increasingly popular, Carbliss stands out by offering unique flavors and a high-quality taste experience. Whether you're craving a refreshing Moscow Mule, a zesty Mojito, or a classic Margarita, Carbliss provides a healthier, guilt-free alternative.

Carbliss is all about helping consumers make conscious choices without compromising on taste. It's a testament to Adam Kroener's dedication to innovation, quality, and his willingness to push boundaries.

Adam Kroener's journey from a car enthusiast with an appetite for entrepreneurship to the co-founder of Carbliss, a brand that's changing the game in the beverage industry, is nothing short of inspiring. His ability to balance vision with data-driven decision-making has not only resulted in a successful business but also a product that brings joy and health-consciousness to consumers' lives.

Carbliss is a shining example of what's possible when creativity meets meticulous planning and execution. So the next time you reach for a refreshing, no-carb, no-sugar hard seltzer, remember that there's an entrepreneur like Adam Kroener behind it, dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthier, tastier beverage experience.

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