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E30: The Growth Factor: Unlocking Business Potential through Marketing I The Foureva Podcast I (ft. AMA Milwaukee)

Jul 5, 2023 12:00:00 AM Admin 2 min read

The Growth Factor: Unlocking Business Potential through Marketing

In a recent episode of The Foureva Podcast, host Jamar Jones welcomed two special guests, Michelle Tonkovitz and Pat McGovern from the AMA Milwaukee (American Marketing Association). The conversation revolved around the power of networking, personal growth, and the significance of AMA Milwaukee in unlocking business potential through marketing. Michelle, the owner of Green Onion Creative, shared her experiences as a solopreneur and how building a strong team and setting boundaries contributed to her work-life balance. Pat, the Director of New Business Development at Acedia and VP of events for AMA Milwaukee, discussed his journey of becoming a connector and the value of establishing relationships within the business community.

Building Trust and Seizing Opportunities:

Michelle shared a recent success story, highlighting the importance of trust and credibility in business relationships. After initially engaging with Emily Lopez, Michelle's connection through the AMA Riff podcast, the opportunity to collaborate on a project arose. Although the process took a year, consistent follow-up and nurturing the lead paid off. Michelle emphasized the significance of credibility, trust, and proving value to clients, regardless of the contract size. Pat acknowledged the role of the podcast in initiating this successful collaboration, showcasing the power of connecting with people and the potential for unexpected opportunities.

Know what you're good at and be honest about what you're not good at. - Patrick McGovern

The Journey of a Connector:

Pat discussed his role as a connector and emphasized the value of networking. He described his journey of discovering the power of connections through his involvement with AMA Milwaukee. Pat's willingness to engage and connect with others, even when he was initially hesitant, led to incredible personal and professional growth. He stressed the importance of having the confidence to ask for help, demonstrating self-awareness, and being comfortable with following up with people regularly.

The AMA Milwaukee Advantage:

AMA Milwaukee serves as a platform for professionals and entrepreneurs to enhance their marketing knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. By joining AMA Milwaukee, individuals gain access to a vibrant community of marketers, numerous networking events, educational resources, and speaking opportunities. The organization fosters personal growth, facilitates knowledge sharing, and opens doors to potential collaborations and business opportunities.


The AMA Milwaukee chapter offers a valuable opportunity for marketers and business professionals to unlock their full potential. Through networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, members can expand their reach, build meaningful relationships, and drive business growth. The stories shared by Michelle Tonkovitz and Pat McGovern highlight the profound impact of networking and the limitless possibilities that arise from connecting with others within the marketing community. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or an aspiring entrepreneur, AMA Milwaukee offers a powerful platform to unlock your business potential through marketing.


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