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Accelerating Marketing Excellence: Northeast Wisconsin Digital Marketing Summit Ignites Strategies for Success

Story May 21, 2023 12:00:00 AM jamar-jones 4 min read

The Northeast Wisconsin Digital Marketing Summit, presented by the Heart of the Valley Chamber, brought together a remarkable lineup of speakers and partners to create an exceptional event that left attendees inspired and motivated.

One of the standout speakers was Jamar Jones, founder of Foureva Media, whose keynote presentation on branding titled "Change Your Circle, Change Your Life" captivated the audience and provided invaluable insights into the power of branding. Jamar Jones is widely recognized for his expertise in transforming brand identities and developing effective marketing strategies.

The event also featured other esteemed speakers, including:

  • Miles Anthony Smith: Presented the keynote session on understanding SEO, offering valuable insights into optimizing online visibility and driving organic traffic.
  • Corey Behnke: Co-founder of Cheesehead TV & Live-X, who discussed the power of live video in engaging audiences and enhancing brand presence.
  • Chris Burns: Founder of Lux Level Media, who shared insights on identifying and rectifying common marketing mistakes to achieve better results.
  • Jeff Armstutz & Nikki Voelzke: A to Z Design experts who delved into the synergy between strategy, storytelling, and digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of crafting compelling narratives.
  • Anthony Pierri: Shared his expertise on product marketing and highlighted the ten most common mistakes to avoid in this field.
  • Josh Russell: Showcased how vertical videos can be leveraged effectively for any business, offering valuable insights into expanding audience reach and engagement.

The Heart of the Valley Chamber played a significant role in organizing this successful event. Their dedication to supporting businesses in the region and promoting growth was evident in the choice of speakers and the diverse range of topics covered.

In addition to the speakers, the event received support from various partners who contributed to its success. These partners included local businesses, marketing agencies, and organizations committed to fostering a thriving digital marketing ecosystem in Northeast Wisconsin. Their collaboration and support added value to the event, providing attendees with a comprehensive and enriching experience.

The Northeast Wisconsin Digital Marketing Summit, with its impressive lineup of speakers and valuable partnerships, truly exemplified the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration in advancing marketing strategies. The event left attendees energized and equipped with practical skills and tactics to enhance their marketing efforts in today's dynamic digital landscape.

More on the event here: https://heartofthevalleychamber.com/marketing-summit/


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