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Unleashing Purpose and Redefining Norms in Milwaukee: Donna "Re'nee" Lewis and the Genisx Movement

Story Aug 18, 2023 12:00:00 AM cristina-ferreira 4 min read

We had the privilege of sitting down with Donna to delve into her remarkable journey of risk-taking, resilience, and her dedication to amplifying the voices of a unique generation and culture through her work.

Donna's journey traces back to her early years, where a deep-seated love for organizing, creating, and challenging conventions became evident. From choreographing dances with friends to composing vocal arrangements, Donna's affinity for artistic expression and her drive to effect change were evident from the start. This passion eventually led her to an unexpected turn after completing her undergraduate degree in managerial accounting.

A year after Donna finished her undergraduate degree, she left her high-paying white-collar job, worth around 80k, to follow her passion as a musician and social entrepreneur. This bold decision to pivot from a financially secure path to one that aligned with her true calling was a defining moment in her life. It was a leap of faith, driven by the realization that her "latter was on the wrong building," as she put it. The events of the 2020 pandemic and the impact they had on her personal life and community solidified her resolve to follow her dreams.

Oftentimes, people have to compromise who they are and their purpose to make a living. As a young black, educated artist and entrepreneur, I’ve struggled with these things. I believe it is important to not only build community but create strategy behind initiatives that work to sustain the creative and entrepreneurial economy in Milwaukee.

In 2023, Donna founded Genisx (pronounced Genesis), a non-profit organization that serves as a platform for individuals who challenge the status quo and seek to align their lives with their purpose. Genisx aims to bring together modern individuals, creatives, and entrepreneurs who collectively challenge norms and strive to live authentically, without compromise.

On July 13th 2023, professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, and diverse generations from Milwaukee gathered to celebrate the birth of @genisx.mke! This launch marked a significant milestone, offering a dynamic platform for forward-thinking individuals to engage in progressive and global conversations within the community. The launch event kick-started the much-anticipated Generations Decoded project, a multi-media endeavor in collaboration with @marn_arts.

Click the video to view a recap of the launch of Genisx.mke

At the heart of this innovative project is a weekly live podcast, enticing cafe-goers and everyday people to immerse themselves in thought-provoking conversations and delve into the profound impact of Generation Z on our world. The partnership with the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) ensures that Genisx's mission of fostering discourse and understanding is richly supported.

The festivities culminate each month in an engaging networking mixer, spotlighting the incredible work of Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin's "do-ers" – a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, musicians, artists, and more. The mixers provide a vibrant space for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the burgeoning creative landscape of the region.

Genisx has thrown open its doors to those eager to participate in their transformative events, and registration is now officially open for the upcoming thought-provoking events. For those passionate about sharing their stories and insights, co-hosting an event, or contributing to the momentum of Genisx, Please use the links provided below for upcoming events.

Genisx Mental Health Mixer - 'The New Normal' on Aug 10th 2023 – Registration Link : HERE
‘Finding Your Self-Mission' on September 7th,  2023 - Registration link : HERE
'Mental Health In the Modern World' on October 5th 2023 - Registration link : HERE

You can find out more info on Genisx here: https://linktr.ee/genisxsocial

As Genisx soars to new heights, it propels a generation to embrace creativity, embrace purpose, and embrace the power of collective conversation. Donna "Re'nee" Lewis and Genisx stand as beacons of inspiration, shining a light on the transformative journey of individuals who are unafraid to live their truth, challenge norms, and shape a future where authenticity and purpose reign supreme. The fusion of Donna's personal narrative and Genisx's innovative endeavors underscores the profound impact of taking risks, nurturing resilience, and igniting change that resonates far beyond the confines of convention.

Our mission is to inspire individuals to create their own way by providing them with tools to approach their future with strategy and resilience.
Genisx supports those who challenge the status quo and those searching to find their purpose in it.
– Donna Re’nee Lewis


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