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From Talk to Action: Generac Power Systems Hosts Powerful DEI Panel with CIO Tim Dickson Driving Real Change!

Story May 5, 2023 12:00:00 AM jamar-jones 3 min read

Generac Power Systems' IT team recently sponsored its first-ever Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) panel, which brought together diverse leaders from the Milwaukee community. The event aimed to unpack heavy topics related to DEI, including equity and inclusion.

The panelists shared powerful stories of perseverance, life lessons, and advice on how to make a difference in the space of DEI. The event was an opportunity for tech leaders to learn from the panelists and make DEI a part of their company culture and DNA.

The moderator of the panel, Samantha Maldonado, MBA, Prosci, did an excellent job leading the discussion, while the panelists Shary Tran, Swadha Varshney, LaShonda Hill, and Kelly Skindzelewski went deep and shared their experiences with the engaged audience.

The event's coordination was led by ChaChi Gallo, Lisa DeSanctis, Monique Graham, and Kelly Skindzelewski. Their efforts were recognized and appreciated by the attendees, who expressed their gratitude for the successful event.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical topics that need to be addressed in today's world, and events like this one are essential in bringing people together to discuss and learn about these issues. Generac Power Systems' IT team should be commended for sponsoring this event and making an effort to promote DEI in their workplace.

As tech leaders, it is crucial to embrace and celebrate diversity, create inclusive environments, and make an effort to understand and support underrepresented groups. DEI should be a top priority for every company, and it is heartening to see Generac Power Systems taking the initiative in this area.

Tim Dickson, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Generac Power Systems, has been a vocal advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company. He has taken a proactive approach to promoting DEI and has made it a top priority for the organization.

Under Tim's leadership, Generac Power Systems has implemented a variety of initiatives aimed at creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. These initiatives include unconscious bias training for employees, employee resource groups for underrepresented groups, and diversity hiring goals.

Tim has also been instrumental in promoting DEI in the broader tech community. He has been a frequent speaker at industry events and has shared Generac Power Systems' experiences in promoting DEI. Tim has stressed the importance of taking a holistic approach to DEI and making it a core part of the company's culture and values.

Tim's commitment to DEI has not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized for his efforts by industry organizations and has been featured in several publications. His leadership in this area has inspired others within the company to take action and make a difference.

In conclusion, the DEI panel sponsored by Generac Power Systems' IT team was a phenomenal event that brought together diverse leaders to discuss important issues. The event was a reminder of the importance of creating inclusive workplaces and promoting DEI in every aspect of our lives. It is essential to continue such conversations and take action towards creating a more equitable and inclusive world.


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