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Empowering Creators: Exploring the World of Mighty Networks

Story Nov 7, 2023 12:00:00 AM jeremy-hansen 4 min read

Content serves to inspire and influence people. Courses provide a means to educate and apply the learning. Commerce is the single best way to help people focus and prioritize because people pay attention to what they pay for. The community brings it all together to allow you to embrace ideas and scale to impact. This is cultural software. Mighty Networks makes culture the focus because it is the easiest way to build engagement, growth, loyalty, and excitement around your brand.

They connect creators and followers together better than social media networks. Imagine a Facebook group but with the followers able to create their own subgroups around the topic of the group. That is exactly what Mighty Networks is capable of. The creator and the followers build a culture together.

“A Mighty Network is made up of Spaces: flexible, no-code containers that hold native features. Spaces can be made up of features from web pages to chat, content, events, memberships, and more. Both Spaces and native features can be renamed, reorganized, and reimagined. Each Space can be public, private, paid, or token gated. Your members can join via both a mobile app and web. The possibilities are endless.”

Mighty Network’s Goals

Since Mighty Networks was founded in 2017, they have three community truths that help this community transform into what it is now. They are; community is the single best way to navigate rapid change, the single best way to build new practices and habits, and it’s the single best way to pursue results and transformation.

Social is all about creating audiences. You talk out in public but there’s no clear tools or functions to build connections amongst individuals. You end up talking to a wall that has a limited response. Mighty Networks strives to build a community that has unlimited ability to respond to the host.

The idea is to put community at the center of your online courses, memberships, events and more.

What is Next?

Mighty Networks is constantly taking the next step with what’s possible on the platform based on what they learn from Hosts. Hosts are the creators who are building the communities on the network.

They recently launched Mighty Co-Host™, the first dynamic community builder. It’s magical and makes building a community radically easier. This AI tool can take even the rawest idea you may have for creating a community, an online course, a brand or membership. This turns your simple idea into a clear, exciting way to talk about what you’re building with a Big Purpose, a choice of community names, and a potential brand identity you can always change later.

We created a brand and membership based on “Freelancers” and the results were astonishing. It only took three simple steps to create a beautiful brand, page, and community. Gone are the days where you had to start from scratch to build a page.

Who Should Join Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is for entrepreneurs, coaches, brands, creators, authors, podcasters, and many more looking to build community, courses, or memberships around an interest, passion or goal. We’ve worked with Yoga with Adriene, TED, Fortune Magazine, Slow AF Run Club, Oiselle, and more.

Anyone with an idea to create a community can join Mighty Networks. For instance, a fantastic story was Slow AF Run Club, a community that Martinus Evans built from the ground up for back of the pack runners.

He started off with a social media following on Instagram @300poundsandrunning and went on to build a community on Mighty Networks while preparing for a marathon. This group is now 18,000 members strong and has also produced amazing opportunities like brand sponsorships. He is now an ambassador for Adidas and author of the book, Slow AF Run Club: The Ultimate Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Run.

He’s grown by starting with the community and grown faster with more people talking about this movement.

Gina Bianchini’s Book

Mighty Networks CEO and Co-Founder Gina Bianchini, wrote a book, Purpose: Design a Community & Change Your Life (WSJ Bestseller).

Here is a summary of the book:

“Gina Bianchini offers a step-by-step guide to finding your purpose and translating it into action through the power of community and new approaches to technology. She offers a unique approach that has helped thousands of people crystalize their purpose and deliver impact— one community at a time.”

Purpose is what drove Gina to create Mighty Networks in the first place. She believes that purpose and action can create an impact in the community.

Gina defines purpose as the clear, positive intention for our time, our talents, our energy, and our focus for our brief time on planet Earth.

With their focus on community, Mighty Networks is going to be a business that continues to evolve. They are changing the way content creators and followers engage with each other. The hosts are no longer talking to walls but actively working with their group to build a culture that is unique to the brand. Start your own Mighty Network by clicking here.


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