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Bootcamp Starts on April 15th 2024

Are You Ready to Start your personal brand journey?

Personal Brand Accelerator Program

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You're not just special; you're extraordinary.

Everyone has a superpower that needs to be unlocked.

And Guess what?...

Others can't wait to hear your story.

Is this you?

If so, then you are a perfect fit!
Established Entrepreneur

Established Entrepreneur

Surprised young woman shouting over pink background. Looking at camera

Content Creator

Rear view of businessman standing in lights of stage


portrait of young businessman in casual clothes at modern  startup business office space,  working on laptop  computer

Business Professional

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I let the fear of what others think of me keep me from posting on social media.”
“I wonder if people really care about what I have to say on social media.”
“My message is unclear and I know it’s preventing me from working with the right clients and customers.”
“I don’t know how to build a website or create my own visual identity and it probably makes me appear unprofessional.”

“I crave being creative, but I always find a reason not to post content on social media.”
“I don’t have a content strategy because I haven’t determined what I want to say or who I want to say it to.”
"It's frustrating because I look at my personal brand, and it feels like a replica of what everyone else is doing in my industry. I want to stand out, but I just don't know how."
"There are times when I doubt myself and my expertise, and it makes me feel like a total imposter. It's hard to confidently showcase my skills when I'm constantly battling these feelings of inadequacy."

So what if there was a program that could help you gain more insight into yourself and others?

Imagine if there existed a revolutionary framework designed to offer you unparalleled clarity and confidence in navigating the online realm. Envision a transformative program meticulously crafted to reshape your self-perception and redefine your presence in the world, empowering you to stride forward with unwavering boldness in every aspect of your life.


There is. It’s called the Personal Brand Accelerator.

The start is today

Personal Brand Accelerator Program

Welcome to the "Personal Brand Accelerator Program"—a dynamic journey designed to catapult your personal brand to new heights of influence and impact. Over the next three transformative months, you'll dive deep into essential strategies and gain practical skills to elevate your brand presence and accelerate your success.

Seeing everyone else have a brand, thinking how would it work for me?

Maybe you are struggling with....
  • Lack of Clarity:
    • Lack of Clarity: Many individuals struggle to define their unique personal brand identity, making it difficult to stand out in their industry and attract their ideal audience.

  • Ineffective Online Presence:
    • Without a professional and captivating online platform, individuals may struggle to showcase their expertise and offerings, hindering their ability to attract and convert clients.
  • Content Creation Challenges:
    • Crafting engaging content across various platforms can be daunting, especially for those new to content creation or unsure of their brand messaging.
  • Limited Audience Engagement:

    • Building a loyal and engaged audience on social media requires strategic planning and consistent effort, which many individuals may find overwhelming or time-consuming.

  • Networking Hurdles

    • Expanding one's network and cultivating valuable relationships can be challenging, particularly for introverted individuals or those unsure of where to start.


Imagine if…

You possess a content creation strategy that effortlessly delivers results, allowing you to post more frequently with less mental strain, ultimately finding joy in the process.
You attain a profound understanding of your core values and message, effortlessly translating them into tangible results.
You encounter individuals with whom you engage in enriching, meaningful dialogues, fostering an environment where your authentic self flourishes both online and offline.
You're getting requests to speak on stages and podcast guest appearances. And you're confident doing it.

Your Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok accounts become beloved destinations for your audience, consistently attracting new subscribers to your email list.
You possess a structured template and framework for copywriting, simplifying the task of crafting brand messaging and website copy, ensuring every word communicates with clarity and resonance.
You implement a content creation strategy that not only works but also allows for greater posting frequency, reducing overthinking and increasing enjoyment throughout the process.
Your brand has a look and feel that is authentically you with purpose and drive behind it.  You are a thought leader in your industry.

Its time to believe in yourself

Program Structure

How It Works

Our program is divided into three months, each focusing on different aspects of brand development. From uncovering your brand identity to amplifying your online presence and engaging your audience, each month builds upon the last to ensure comprehensive growth.

What You'll Learn


Master Essential Branding Techniques:

  • Define Your Unique Brand Identity
  • Craft Compelling Brand Narratives
  • Optimize Your Online Presence
  • Hone Content Creation Skills
  • Leverage Social Media for Growth
  • Implement Proven Networking Strategies

You may be asking

What's in the Program?

Month 1: Brand Identity Mastery
  • Weeks 1-2:
  • One on One Coaching Call
    • Dive deep into uncovering your unique brand identity, exploring your core values, strengths, and vision for the future.
  • One Group Coaching Call
  • Weeks 3-4: Video Content + Activity:
    • Craft a compelling brand narrative, write a powerful bio and strategy that authentically reflects who you are, resonates with your target audience, and sets you apart in the market.
Month 2: Online Presence Optimization
  • Weeks 5-6: Video Content:
    • Revamp your main social page, introduction video ("Allow me to reintroduce myself") video
  • Receive our brand guide template around who you are and what you represent.
  • Professional Headshots: Give you the playbook for choosing the right photographer to get High-quality photos for your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials enhance your brand image and build trust with your audience. We help you with confidence and releasing what makes you uniquely you.
  • One Group Coaching Call
  • Weeks 7-8:
  • One on One Coaching Call
    • Work with you to hone your content creation skills across various platforms, from writing engaging blog posts to creating captivating social media content that drives engagement and builds your brand.
Month 3: Audience Engagement and Growth Acceleration
  • Weeks 9-10: Activity: Start posting!
    • Leverage the power of social media to amplify your brand's reach, engage with your audience, and establish yourself as a trusted thought leader.
  • One Group Coaching Call
  • Weeks 11-12: One on One Coaching Call
    • Implement proven networking strategies to expand your network, cultivate valuable relationships, and unlock new opportunities for collaboration and growth. Learn how to get speaking opportunities and guest podcast appearances.
  • End of the program we will have all our members appear as a guest on the Foureva Podcast to grow your brand.
  • 5 personal strategic introductions to help boost your brand with key people.
  • One Group Networking Call (Finale)

Hear from the best...

We help others start and grow their personal brand to get more speaking engagements, podcast appearances, social media growth, and recognition in their industry.


  • The only one that is stopping you, is you
  • Learn from people who have actually done it
  • Your potential is right around the corner


My experience working with Foureva Media was phenomenal! They organized and directed my Speaker Reel video and they made the entire experience smooth and fun. Even as a Speaker, I felt a bit unsure of what to expect being in studio recording just to a camera, but Foureva Media and the team made me feel really comfortable, asked me questions that allowed me to show up natural on camera, and made sure to pay attention to details like fixing my hair or necklace before we would shoot a new clip. I had a great experience and would highly recommend working with them!

Julie Menden

Keynote Speaker and Coach | Speaker Space

I’ve had the privilege of working with Foureva Media on multiple projects for my business. Their consultative approach and positive energy make them invaluable to every project and team. I appreciate their attention to detail, ability to ask questions and gain buy-in from stakeholders, and the creativity they use to create a finished product we are always proud of.

Justin Patton

Executive Leadership Coach | Trust Architect Group

I worked with Foureva Media during my logo animation process. I am a very visual person and they helped turn my word vomit into a work of moving art - to say I am beyond impressed is an understatement. Foureva Media always made me feel comfortable and heard throughout the process. Highly recommend their services.

Teegan Bartos

Career Coach | Jolt your Career

I highly recommend Foureva Media as a professional media specialist. In developing my media plan, Foureva Media provided great insight and is a wealth of information in many areas of content, video, and overall branding. A great listener, feel free to reach out to Foureva Media if you are looking to expand your message. 

Ruth Busalacchi

Entrepreneur | SYNERGY HomeCare

Foureva Media was fantastic to work with as they managed my video needs. During the two years that we worked together, Foureva Media ensured quality video segments were provided according to our set timeline. Foureva Media accommodated special requests and unique situations as they arose. Thank you, Foureva Media for helping me enhance my LinkedIn presence!

Mary Beth Simón

Entrepreneur | Niche Partnership Consulting

Julie Menden
justin patton

Founder, Speaker, Author, Host, Creator

Meet Jamar Jones

Jamar Jones, the visionary force behind Foureva Media, has a multifaceted background that includes successful stints as a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur. Leveraging his experience performing alongside major acts like Snoop Dogg and TI, Jamar now channels his passion for personal branding and marketing into transforming businesses and individuals through experiences and podcasting. With a track record of securing significant sponsorships and hosting impactful events like the Lead the Movement Business Conference, Jamar's dedication to helping others shines through. Recognized nationally for his expertise, he is driven by a desire to empower entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders, and creators globally, championing excellence and opportunity through personal branding strategies that he knows can truly change lives.

The Time is Now

Amplify your Brand Today

Hear from Shay, a LinkedIn influencer how we helped her brand grow and amplify her business...
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jamar website

Written for anyone who is interested in applying in our program.

A letter from Jamar

Let me start by saying this: I understand the journey you're on. I know the ambition burning within you, the desire to leave a lasting impact, to build something truly remarkable. And that's why I created the Personal Brand Accelerator Program — to provide you with the guidance, resources, and support you need to elevate your personal brand and unlock your full potential.

Over the course of 90 days, you'll embark on a transformative journey unlike any other. From uncovering your unique brand identity to mastering essential branding techniques, you'll dive deep into every aspect of personal brand development. But it's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about taking action, implementing strategies, and seeing real results.

Throughout the program, you'll receive personalized coaching from industry experts, access to valuable resources, and the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. But perhaps most importantly, you'll have me by your side every step of the way, cheering you on, offering guidance, and celebrating your successes.

I know that taking the leap can be daunting, but I want you to know that you're not alone. Together, we'll navigate this journey, overcome challenges, and emerge stronger than ever before. So if you're ready to unlock your potential, to transform your brand, and to achieve remarkable success, then I encourage you to take the first step and apply for the Brand Accelerator Program today.

I look forward to welcoming you into our community and witnessing the incredible growth and success that lies ahead.

Why Choose the Personal Brand Accelerator?

  • Elevate Your Brand Presence
  • Expand Your Network
  • Unlock New Opportunities
  • Receive Personalized Coaching
  • Gain Access to Valuable Resources
  • Join a Supportive Community

Partners in our Network

Being a part of our private community lends you access to our preferred partners and resources. We have connections to PR opportunities, podcast guest appearances, business networks, speaking opportunities and much much more.

Working with us is a step in the direction of meeting your goals and we have an action plan to get you there.
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It has been a long time coming.

How much longer are you going to wait?

Right now, you have a choice to make.

You can keep trading years of your hard-earned knowledge, wisdom and skills for free, while you keep wondering, “Where did all the years go by?”

Or you can decide to take advantage of this opportunity to become self-aware of your limitations and use them to claim center stage for yourself.

Inside, you already know what the right answer is.

Don’t put off the success, recognition and impact you want any longer.

Click the button below and be a part of a tribe for 12 weeks that will advocate and support you.

This is limited to 15 spots only and will sell out. Enrollment is one click away. Click below to apply!

$ 4,997

Personal Branding Accelerator

We have payment plan options available!


Limited to 15 spots only!
  • Enrollment ends April 10th, so claim your spot today!


What's all Included:

  • Define and refine your personal brand identity, establishing a clear and compelling presence in your industry.
  • Create a professional and captivating online platform that attracts and converts your ideal audience into loyal followers and clients.
  • Master the art of content creation and social media marketing, positioning yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche.
  • Expand your network, forge meaningful connections, and unlock new opportunities for professional growth and success.
  • One on One Coaching calls with Jamar, exclusive dedicated time to your business
  • Group Coaching calls
Additional Program Inclusions:
  • Access to our resource library of video content, how-to guides, Canva Templates, and more to help you on your personal branding journey for 12 months. ($588 value)
  • Access to Community support group on Private Discord Channel.
  • 15% Lifetime Access to events and experiences (one ticket per event)
  • 5 strategic introductions to help boost your brand with key people.
  • Change your Circle Course: Connect with your ideal customers and meet influential people ($497 value)
  • Jamar's Book - Change your Circle; Change your Life
  • End of the program appearance as a guest on the Foureva Podcast to grow your brand.



But I got tired of waiting and hoping...

I used to be exactly where you are right now—feeling stuck, struggling to stand out, and unsure of how to take my brand to the next level. But let me tell you, with the right guidance and support, EVERYTHING changed. That's why I'm here to offer you a solution that transformed my own journey and can do the same for you.

With our coaching program, you'll unlock the secrets to building a standout brand, dominating social media, and networking like a pro. Imagine the confidence of knowing exactly how to position yourself as a trusted leader in your industry, the thrill of seeing your brand reach new heights, and the satisfaction of knowing you're on the path to success.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back any longer. Take the leap and join us on the journey to your greatness.

Trust me, you won't regret it.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the Personal Brand Accelerator program designed for?

The Personal Brand Accelerator program is tailored for executives, entrepreneurs, business professionals and speakers who are committed to elevating their personal brands and achieving remarkable success. Whether you're just starting out on your personal branding journey or have some traction but looking to focus and polish, this program is for you.

2. What makes the Personal Brand Accelerator program different from other personal branding programs?

Our program offers a comprehensive, hands-on approach that combines personalized coaching, practical skills training, and valuable resources to help you achieve tangible results in just 90 days. With a focus on brand identity mastery, online presence optimization, and audience engagement, we provide you with the tools and guidance you need to accelerate your brand's growth and impact. We don't just tell you what to do, we lead with action and have the network, resources and talent to have you see results right away. We live this every day and have done it for others. Doing this program will have you skip a few levels and reach your goals faster!

3. How much time commitment is required for the program?

The Personal Brand Accelerator program is designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each month, you'll participate in two one-on-one coaching calls and two group coaching calls, along with completing weekly assignments and activities. We estimate that you'll need to dedicate approximately 5-7 hours per week to fully engage with the program and maximize your results.

4. What if I don't have a large social media following or online presence?

No problem! The Personal Brand Accelerator program is designed to help you build and optimize your online presence from the ground up. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing presence, our expert coaches will provide you with personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

5. Can I join the program if I'm not available for all the scheduled coaching calls?

While we encourage full participation in all coaching calls and activities, we understand that life can sometimes get in the way. If you're unable to attend a scheduled coaching call, recordings will be made available for you to access at your convenience. However, we highly recommend prioritizing attendance to get the most out of the program.

6. How will the program help me grow my network and unlock new opportunities?

Throughout the program, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals and industry experts. Additionally, our networking strategies and resources will help you expand your network, forge meaningful connections, and unlock new opportunities for collaboration and growth. Plus, as a bonus, you'll have the chance to appear as a guest on the Foureva Podcast and receive strategic introductions to key industry figures.

7. What happens after the program ends?

After completing the Personal Brand Accelerator program, you'll have lifetime access to our resource library and community support group, allowing you to continue your personal branding journey with ongoing guidance and support. Additionally, you'll receive exclusive discounts on future events and experiences, ensuring that you stay connected and continue to grow your brand long after the program ends.


The Personal Brand Accelerator program is designed to provide educational content and guidance to individuals seeking to enhance their personal brand presence and achieve professional growth. While we strive to offer valuable insights and practical strategies, we cannot guarantee specific results or outcomes as success ultimately depends on individual effort, dedication, and external factors beyond our control.

Participants in the Personal Brand Accelerator program are responsible for implementing the strategies and recommendations provided during coaching sessions and activities. Any decisions made based on information or advice provided within the program are done so at the participant's own discretion and risk.

Furthermore, the Personal Brand Accelerator program does not constitute professional legal, financial, or medical advice. Participants are encouraged to seek appropriate professional assistance or consultation for specific issues or concerns related to their personal or professional circumstances.

By enrolling in the Personal Brand Accelerator program, participants acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. Foureva Media and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses, or consequences arising from the use of information or participation in the program.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@fourevamedia.com.