Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some further info on studio, recordings and common questions.

Podcast Recording:

Our state-of-the-art recording equipment and acoustically treated space ensure crystal-clear audio quality, making it a prime location for hosting engaging podcast episodes. Virtual guest options as well.

Video Recordings:
With multiple camera angles and professional lighting, our studio is perfect for recording video content, interviews, and discussions.

Versatility: From single-host podcasts to multi-guest interviews, our adaptable setup accommodates various recording styles and content formats.

Comfort and Style: Comfortable seating, modern decor, and soft lighting create an inviting ambiance that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Professional Support: Our experienced Podcast Producer is on hand to guide you through the recording process, ensuring a smooth and successful session.

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Layout and Utilization:

Our studio is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort, efficiency, and creativity. We have a lounge area right next to the studio for you to entertain your guests before your podcast or recording starts.

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Can I live stream from here?

Yes! We have blazing fast internet and can stream to any platform.

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How quickly can I recieve my files?

Typically delivered digitally within 72 hours via WETransfer.

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Do you offering bookings by the hour or less?

No. 120 minutes is our standard block.

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Virtual Meetings:

Our studio is equipped to host virtual interviews, speakers to use for virtual conferences and events, webinars, and remote collaborations with high-quality audio and video capabilities.Voiceovers and Narrations: The soundproof environment allows for focused voiceover recording, suitable for audiobooks, narration, and commercial voiceovers.

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