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Foureva Media is a media company that amplifies diverse voices and shares their stories through engaging branded entertainment. Their mission is to drive diversity, inclusion, and positive culture in the media industry by giving a platform to underrepresented voices.

They offer a range of services, including strategy for recruitment and community outreach, podcast production, and talent management. In addition, Foureva Media represents Jamar Jones,  author and motivational speaker who inspires individuals to transform their lives. Jones' book, "Change Your Circle, Change Your Life," has inspired countless individuals. Foureva Media has a broad audience reach of 50K and worked with influencers like Marcus Lemonis, Vayner X, David Meltzer and many more!

Partnering with Foureva Media means joining a movement to elevate diverse voices and drive change in the media industry.

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Jamar Jones is Visionary

From Hip-Hop stages with legends to being a business founder and helping everyone "Change your Circle; Change your Life". This media company is built on the foundations of Jamar's background with the notion to have everyone unlock their superpower and thrive with opportunity.

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